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Presentation, Rules and Hierarchy

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Presentation, Rules and Hierarchy Empty Presentation, Rules and Hierarchy

Post by Spetsnaz_189 Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:15 pm

What is the S.P.Q.R. Community? well for now we are a little multigaming clan, starting from Gloria Victis and Star Citizen. We are planning to play other games such Arma 3, Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 and Mount and Blade.

The rules are very simple:
1- respect the other players and the authority;
2- try to don't say too much bad worlds;
3- and think twice before say something that can offend someone else.

Organization and hierarchy 
Our clan will be divided into legions, for a better military organization. The basic idea is to have 4 legions, but all depends how many people we will be. I've chose some name, but we can chose some other ones:
1- Legio I Italica 
2- Legio IX Flavia Felix 
3- Legio VI Ferrata 
4- Legio XII Fulminata 

This is our hierachy (remember that we aim to RP, so these titles affects only our role play):

Legatus Legionis (is the commander of the legion)
Tribunus (is the second in command)
Centurio (is a team leader inside the legion)
Triarii (they're the veteran legionaries, a reference point in battle)
Principes (skilled and well equipped fighters)
Hastati (the new trained legionaries)

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